Conversations With Danny

I think I may start to record my conversations with Danny. Sometimes I just don’t understand where or how his mind works. Its times like this when I half wish I was a psychologist. He is a FASCINATING individual. He is SUPER smart, bright and creative. He has an english degree and has another degree. He is SUPER “Religious” even though he is a born again. I say religious and not spiritual because he isn’t very spiritual. He can be down right evil. Name calls and views the world in a pessimistic way. He thinks he walks with the lord but he is the WORST kind of person.

I will get back into it more later.


BATMAN Arkham Unhinged


Comic Book Review: Batman: Arkham Unhinged by Alex Go


TITLE: Batman: Arkham Unhinged


WRITTEN BY: Derek Fridolfs

ART BY:  Mike S. Miller

COVER ART BY: Dave Wilkins

 Comic Book Review: Batman: Arkham Unhinged

I hate to admit it, but it’s been a really long time since I picked up a batman comic. I loved them as a kid but as I got older, we drifted apart. Kind of like my best friend from middle school. I moved away and we basically never spoke again.

Unlike my middle school bestie, every once in a while I find myself missing the special friendship we use to share. Unlike my estranged gal pal, It’s much easier for me to jump back in to this relationship.

I am a huge fan of the Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City video games, so when a friend suggested I take a look at the Arkham Unhinged series I was in.

Originally a web based series; Arkham Unhinged is a continuation of the Arkham City story arch. Consisting of 58 installments, at first it seemed like an intimidating series to just jump into. Do I want to commit to that many issues? So after some carefully planned and executed researched (google), I found that this series is broken up into several different story lines. Issues 1-6 encompass the first of these story arches. I can commit to 6 issues. I opted to buy 4 issues in print and 2 in digital download form.

The download option is definitely a huge plus for me. At 99 cents each, this is an excellent option for a fan on a budget. I’ve always felt that there was something special about holding a comic in my hands but I have to admit, I loved how inexpensive and easy to get these downloads were.

I expected to fall in love with this series, and in its defense, there were many things I did like about it. I’ve always held a special love and fascination with villains. I loved Arkham city because it wasn’t good guy against bad guy. It was good guy against ALL the bad guys. Many of the characters that we all know in passing get there 15 minutes of fame in this series. I have to say though, for me, the biggest draw to this series was the cover art. The covers really are hauntingly beautiful. Even if you never pick up an issue, take a second to check out the covers of issues 1 and 3. The covers alone made me want to own these comics. The internal artwork is also mighty impressive, but it almost seemed a little lack luster compared the EPIC cover art.

Click to enlarge

I think because I found the comics so beautiful and I already played and loved the game, I might have had an unrealistic expectation for this series. To me, the story line seemed to follow “Arkham City” too closely. I felt too much of a sense of déjà vu. I’ve been here before. I played this, I watched this and now I’m reading it. Maybe that’s just what happens when you turn a comic into a videogame and then back into a comic.

I know, I know. It sounds a lot like I’m really hating on “Arkham Unhinged”. I wanted to love it. I tried to love it. I even read them all a second time, you know, just to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Unfortunately, I found I hadn’t missed anything.

I will however say, purely from an artistic standpoint, these comics can be considered collectable. The artwork is beautiful, detailed and engaging. Each issue is exceptional and unique.  I have friends that collect certain series, specifically for those reasons. I’m a story collector, so this might not be one that I continue to buy but this is definitely one I that I’ll keep in the archives for my artsy fartsy  friends!


To recap, If you’ve never played the video game, you’ll love “Arkham Unhinged”. The story is still awesome, especially if this is your first introduction to it. If you’re like me and you’ve already played the game, you may find the storyline a little bit too familiar. In my opinion, anyone and everyone can appreciate the artwork. These comics are most definitely fascinating to look at. A huge positive I found with this series was the affordability of the digital copies. Even the print copies aren’t insanely priced (Issue 1 was the most expensive at $6.00).

So the Batman and I have been reunited. I didn’t see fireworks, like I was hoping but that doesn’t mean I’m abandoning my boy in black. Like I always say, there are plenty of fish in the sea, or in this case, plenty of bats in the sky. I’ll be back DC universe!! Get ready to impress me! ~ Alex Go.


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Das Shoob

the thing is all I wanna do it help you out clean your place for your party tomorrow…I know its stupid of me but I feel that you of all ppl deserve to have a good party.

ugh…what a sap I am.

All I wanted to do was talk to you tonite…hang out and know whats up in your life…but then I know that i would want to ask questions…as it is I drop barbed comments to try and make you squirm…sorta how you do Lindsey.

I tried to be aloof and distant tonite…self defense i suppose. I wished you  were not in the next room when I was trying to talk to Justina. Im not gonna lie on one hand I wanted to show you that I can talk to women…on the other hand it felt trite and I wished you would just go in the back and hang with your friend lindsey whose nite it was anyway.

When you came to hug me and tell me that you were tired and you wanted to sleep…it was all I could do to tell you go upstairs and I would be up in a bit….but that was another time and another set of ppl…and besides I wouldn’t want to have to hear all the text alerts.

UGH……I wanted to kiss you good night after I hugged you, I wanted to hug to matter, so I hugged you like I meant it. You hugged back but I think it was more out of social reaction…whatever. Then I called out after you left. God what a fag.

My friend “needs” me there tomorrow…but I’m look for ANY excuse not to go…I would rather go blind than see you with him.

Im gonna throw up all my self respect.

The VMA After party and the text you got…

So lets be straight…the fact that YOU, of all people responded back to me with a “hahaha thats hilari….” pisse me off. I couldnt read the rest cus my phone sceen is all fucked up!
* see pic

But whatever the case may be…that shit wasnt meant for you. I would rather eat nails and shit glass then “DISTURB” you while you are laying with “young face” (1145 pm)

The fucking text wasnt meant for fucking YOU…asshole. It was meant for GIL my FREIND, not for some chick that was fucking me. At this time, I  would rather drag myself over hot coals than text you…you don’t deserve my funny texts.
Whatever whatever…dont fucking text me back or email me! UGH…I wanna punch you in the face. I feel so betrayed by you…and the fact that we are  supposed to be “friends” kinda pisses me off.

My head spins cus I dont think we have the same definition of FRIENDS

All in all, after the VMAs were done, I went to some sad ass Lesbian bar called NOLAs and tried to stop thinking abot you. (Trish would kinda dig this spot.)

Any fucking way, at the end of the day I was in J town and really pissed off cus fucking everything that I touch and every where that I go has Ursula  written on it. Fuck off! Get outta my life…I wish I never fucked you in the when you dragged me upstairs asking for sex.
Ugh…I just spit the toothpick out of my mouth.

Then at the taco truck in eagle rock blvd I was stewing about you half morose half angry thinking about what you are doing and how I got fucked…mabe not)

All I could do was stand there and be mad…then I realized as I looked at my hands that I was wearing the Ox Blood Leather Biker Jacket that you got me…


I can even stand alone and be mad at you cuz without you fucking contaminating my life. Im fucking wearing the Jacket you gave me….WTF, I never wear this shit. Why did I do it tonite?

Ugh…I hate you.

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AlienCyborgs goes to Anime Ramen in Las Vegas…YUM!

AlienCyborgs goes to Anime Ramen in Las Vegas…YUM!

Nestled in an unassuming little strip mall in the Asian sector of town, hides one of Las Vegas’ best kept secrets…a ramen house. But not just any old ramen house, an ANIME RAMEN house!

At first glance the restaurant doesn’t look any different from any other strip mall Ramen House. We were even greeted with obligatory Japanese salutation when we first walked in :* “Irasshaimase!”

  *Roughly meaning “Come on in!”

That’s right about when you notice the glaring difference between this ramen house and all the other ones you’ve been too.

The high pitched and bubbly greeting came from the back of the restaurant, it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust from the blaring Vegas sun to the cool interior of the restaurant.

At first, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but when my eyes finally focused and I saw the ear to ear smile on fellow AlienCyborg “Mem Z’s” face, I knew what I was seeing was in fact real.

We were greeted by an adorable freckle faced asian girl with long flowing cotton candy pink hair that came down to the small of her back. I later found out that our hostess/servers name was name was Ploy. As if Ploy’s bubble gum hair wasn’t enough to stop you in your tracks her Saccharine sweet Jpop smile would.

Let me also take a minute to describe the out fit ploy had on. She was wearing a what looked like a “Strawberry Shortcake” baby doll frock with white leggings and black Mary Jane shoes, she looked like a walking birthday cake. Don’t ask me how but it all worked out to be very cute…in an anime way, of course.

We were seated in a spacious booth directly across from a table of 6 teen geeks deep in conversation about how “…keeping up on the actual manga series and reading the books are soooo much better than watching the watered down animated version!”

To which the girl at the end of the table stopped knitting (yes knitting, the hot new pass time) and snapped back, “Well, not all of us can READ JAPANESE!


After a few minutes of “ear hustling“, I decide to get back to the menu. I notice that the menu was stocked with all the usual fare: Teriyaki, Ramen, Fried Rice, Yakisoba that wasn’t what struck me as out of place…what DID strike me as being out of place was NOTHING was over $10! About a minute later another cute Asian woman by the name of Julie appeared at our table in what I can only describe as a “Cute Little Maid Outfit” with thigh high stockings and a hip length light pink and white wig.

She asked us for our drink order and suggested a Japanese yogurt drink Calpico, which MemZ gladly ordered, while I opted for an almond milk tea…*easy boba. Who doesn’t love boba, it’s the drink you can eat!

(*ed note- I love boba, but sometimes I don’t wan too many because the tricky lil’ tapioca orbs shoot up the straw and try to choke me out! Tricky bastards lil’ bastards.)

The Colpico was…interesting to say the least. It wasn’t bad at all, just not what I expected. The Almond Milk Tea on the other hand was bomb! Not too sweet and not too milky, I would have ordered another one I but didn’t want to wreck my appetite.

We also ordered two appetizers …and why not, it was on AlienCyborgs dime not ours! We got the Gyoza and the Mixed Tempura, both were as just as good as any other Japanese Restaurant that I’ve ever been too. The Gyoza was perfect and the tempura was light, crispy and fresh.

After wolfing down our appetizers and wait for your server to take our entree order, I start to look around at the establishment. Let me take a moment out to describe the decor, everything is clean and modern and all the walls are adorned with framed anime art. The central focus in the room is the large LED monitor mounted in the center of main wall that was running an anime of what looked like Green tea, Vanilla and Red Bean Mochi Balls happily singing in Japanese…interesting.

Recap so far: Drinks, “yum”. Appetizers, perfect. Ambiance, fun. Girls,cute! So far so good.

Julie comes back to take our food order, I go with the “Ramen Special” which is : Tonkontsu + Shoyu broth mixed with onions, bean sprouts, a hard boiled egg and slices of tender pork!!

Mem Z orders the Stewed Beef Ramen. It has Beef broth , stewed beef, bean sprouts and green onion. Plus he added a hard boiled egg to boot!

The ramen didn’t take to long to come at all and when it did, we were presented with big steaming bowls of yummy goodnes! The bowl was so big I didn’t know if I should just dig in and eat it or climb in and soak for awhile!

I opted to eat since the sight of the noodles made my stomach start to growl in a very feral fashion and boy was I happy I did. The noodles were firm, the veggies fresh, the “special” mix of both Tonkontsu and Shoyu broth was just savory enough and the pork…the pork was perfect. It was tender, and not at all too fatty.

I’m pretty sure that MemZ was pretty happy with his choice because for the duration of the meal he was hunched over with his face in his bowl.

The entree portion of or meal was pretty silent barring the accidental sound of noodle slurping and a few “mm, good’s”

SLURPING! Now, I hear mixed things when it comes to the “Slurp”, I’ve heard that in some establishments in Japan that it is perfectly ok to slurp…it lets the proprietor know that you appreciate the ramen. While in Viet Nam and Korea it is considered rude to slurp. Since I was not in Japan, I decided to let my very western sensibilities take over and stifled my slurping and kept down to a minimum, only doing it accidentally once or twice. Well, and the sound is just kinda gross…I don’t think I would enjoy the sound of a room full of people slurping, yuck.

When we finally pushed the bowls away all we could do was lean back in the booth and stare at the ceiling due to the over load of noodles…that was until Julie flitted over and said one magic word: Dessert?!

Normally, I would have graciously declined but since we were doing a review, MemZ and I looked at each other and said “What do you recommend?”

“I know just the thing!” said Julie then spun on her heel and disappeared with a twinkle…at least that’s what I think I saw, I was in a food coma so dont quote me on that one.

Just as fast as she disappeared she reappeard  with a plate in her hand that she set in between MemZ and I with two spoons, said “Enjoy” and vanished.

What was on the plate you ask…well, when I looked down I saw two triangles of french toast with a big scoop of green tea ice cream, drizzled with honey.

Needless to say the sweet hot/cold combo hit the spot and pushed us over the edge…WOW!

I would almost say that our experience at Anime Ramen was ALMOST perfect. The reason I don’t say that it was perfect is due to the fact that they dont have a back room with comfy couches in front of T.V.s  playing anime to pass out on! Other than that the experience was pretty damn satisfying.

Now if you ask me to be honest and rate the ramen on a 1-10 scale, I would have to say that it is definitely better than most I’ve had but not as good as others. And by others I mean “Chabuya” in W. Los Angeles, “Ramen-Ya” also in W. Los Angeles and of course, Daikokuya in the Little Tokyo district of Downtown L.A.


So having said that I give it a 7.5/8 out of 10 (10 being Daikokuya and Chabuya) on the noodles alone…now factor in all the kitschy anime goodness to the equation, the overall experience was a 8.5. The only reason why I don’t rate it higher is because we were there on a quiet afternoon, I hear the place is jumping on weekend nights. Hopefully next time we can make it for dinner! Definitely a place to come if you like Ramen and you love Anime!

Today’s Menu Rating


MemZ: Calpico
Jet: Milk tea boba


Mixed Tempura


Memz: Stewed Beef ramen
Beef, bean sprouts and green onion

Jet: Tonkontsu + shoyu Special
Onions, bean sprouts, hard boiled egg and sliced pork


Honey french toast with green tea ice cream

The Popcast1

Galco’s as seen on York Blvd (Dbl Click to enlarge)

When I was child growing up in  Highland Park, California I would always see this little old Grocery Store that was down the street from my cousins house. I remember going into it time to time with my cousin Mike, it wasn’t anything special just a neighborhood grocery store. I do remember the name sticking out though, it had a name that sounded more like a restaurant to me  than a grocers. Its name was Galco’s Old World Grocery. Anyway, like I said nothing of any consequence to me and I later moved out of Highland Park and forgot all about the store.

Years later a friend of mine named Jesse tells me that he and his buddy Mario got some “Bubble Up” soda over the weekend and how wonderful it was since they havent tasted it since they were children.
“BUBBLE UP” I said. “Wow, now THATS a name I haven’t heard since I was a kid…where did you get that stuff?”

Jesse had told me that there was this amazing shop  that sold NOTHING but hard to find sodas and some pretty good beers from all over the world. He said the place was called Galco’s. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. In once conversation I had heard two names that I haven’t though about since I was a kid. It turns out that Galco’s had left its more traditional Grocery store/Deli model and switched over to a more niche market of hard to get beverages and crafted beers. Jesse went on to tell me that it was in a small city next to South Pasadena name…

“Highland Park…and its on York Blvd across the street from the McDonalds that has been there for over 40 yrs.” is said, finishing off his senctence.

“Oh, you know the place huh?” Jesse said with some surprise in his voice.

I told him that I knew the place and had been in it a few times but that was back in the late 70′s early 80′s. To which he replied “Damn, homie…you’re OLD!”

I told him that I hadnt been there in years and would love to see this place now and wondered how a store could stay open with just selling soda.

Anyway, it was YEARS after that conversation happened that I found myself moving from the West Side back to my old East Side neighborhood of the Highland Park/Eagle Rock area. What was even more strange is that I end up moving only 2 blocks away from Galco’s and I heard that they served a mean deli sandwich. The idea piqued my intrest and I decided to walk down to the old store and give it a peek…I had no idea what was in store.

But to find that out you’ll have to check out “The POPcast” episode 2.

TODAY I walked in there with my Partner in Crime, Peter Tullio to have a sandwich and review some Soda Pop! This is what we came up with!

Here are the first four sodas that we tried and reviewed.

“Highland Park…and its on York Blvd across the street from the McDonalds that has been there for over 40 yrs.” is said, finishing off his senctence.

“Oh, you know the place huh?” Jesse said with some surprise in his voice.

I told him that I knew the place and had been in it a few times but that was back in the late 70′s early 80′s. To which he replied “Damn, homie…you’re OLD!”

I told him that I hadnt been there in years and would love to see this place now and wondered how a store could stay open with just selling soda.

Anyway, it was YEARS after that conversation happened that I found myself moving from the West Side back to my old East Side neighborhood of the Highland Park/Eagle Rock area. What was even more strange is that I end up moving only 2 blocks away from Galco’s and I heard that they served a mean deli sandwich. The idea piqued my intrest and I decided to walk down to the old store and give it a peek…I had no idea what was in store.

But to find that out you’ll have to check out “The POPcast” episode 2.

Listen to “the POPcast” audio:

Here are the first four sodas that we reviewed :

Not so much a soda as it is a bottled juice!

Name: Hot Lips Strawberry Soda
Flavor: Strawberry
Rating: Half a star for soda but 5 stars for a Juice *see Review
Ingredients: Sparkling water, strawberries grown in the Pacific Northwest, Cane sugar and Organic lemon juice.
Fizz: Hardly detectable
Nutrition Facts:Each bottle contains:Calories 140, 0 Fat; 55mg Sodium; 55mg Carbohydrates; 0g Protein; Sugar 33g. And Percent Daily Values of: 40% Vitamin C; 2% Calcium; 4% Iron. Contains strawberry pulp.
Produced in: Portland OR.
As per the label: 23% fruit lightly carbonated, tip to blend pulp.
Label art: Simple, nothing too exciting.

Review: As sodas go this isn’t a very good soda…in the traditional sense. It hardly has ANY fizz and if you ask me THAT is what really makes a soda…well, a soda! Having said that, it isn’t a BAD beverage at all! There are only four ingredients list and one of them is Organic! It really is closer to a Juice drink than it is a Soda. At the end of the day, I don’t care how good the ingredients are …if it barely has any fizz than it really cant be called a soda!

Soda with a light after taste of Celery…I think its great to drink after having sex with a Vegan. ~Peter

Name: Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray
Flavor: Celery
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Fizz: Nose Tickler
Label art: Black and White Picture of the Brooklyn Bridge in the center
As per the label: Caffeine Free, ,Since 1869, “The Original Flavor Favorite for generations.”
Ingredients: Carbonated Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Extract Of Celery Seed, With Other Natural Flavors(?), Sodium Benzoate (Preservative)And Caramel Color.
Nutrition Facts: Calories: 140, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 34g, Protein: 0g
Produced by: Canada Dry Bottling Co. of New York

Review: Very interesting flavor, unique tasting, light, not too sweet and refreshing. Its like ginger ale with a slight after taste of celery. Different for sure but surprisingly good!
Fun False Fact: Dr Brown started making soda after he disbarred in 1869 due to tons of malpractice and sexual harassment suits.

Sprecher is German for “Middle of the Road”

Name: Sprecher
Flavor: Root Beer
Rating: 3 stars
Fizz: Meh!
Label art: Griffen like character holding a frothy mug of Root Beer. Hmm.
As per the label: Rated: #1 by the NY Times, Fire Brewed, Gourmet Soda, Caffine free and Gluten Free. This truly old fashioned soda has the rich, creamy flavor that only comes from using pure Wisconsin honey direct from the combs. Our extracts are prepared at the brewery in a hand-made, gas-fired brew kettle, by combining honey, pure vanilla and a host of aromatic botanicals. The dark, honeyed brew will build a delicious, frothy head when properly poured into a frosted mug.
Ingredients: Carbonated water, fructose corn syrup, malto dextrin, raw Wisconsin honey, natural and artificial flavors, vanilla, phosphoric acid(?), sodium benzoate (a preservative)
Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 8 fl oz ,Calories: 110, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 27g, Protein: 0g
Produced by: Sprecher Brewing Co., Inc. Glendale, WI


Review:  Despite it being a Gourmet Root Beer, despite using pure Wisconsin honey direct from the combs, despite all the blah-blah-blah that the label says, …this Root Beer is just “Middle of the Road”. Its is very mild and tastes more like a crafted type of Root Beer and has a classic root beer taste. It didn’t really have any bite and was just sort of nondescript. By the time I put the my glass down I had already forgotten what it tasted like…it wasn’t BAD, it just a wasn’t Great. Still it rates a 3 out of 5 stars and thats safe and good. Probably would be GREAT in a Root Beer Float due to its mildness.
Fun False Fact: This product contains phosphoric acid  which we all know is used to dissolve bodies in T.V murder mysteries!

One honey of a Ginger Ale!

Name: Thomas Kemper
Flavor:  Ginger Ale
Rating: After much after thought we bumped it up to 2.5 stars
Fizz: Lots of bubbles but not harsh on the nose, mild Fizz
Label art: Hunter Green and Muster with a Honey Bee. Clean Design
As per the label: Crafted Brew, Cane Sugar Soda,This delightful ginger ale has sparkling personality, with a little nip of ginger and the perfect kiss of honey, everyone should be so lucky. One honey of a Ginger Ale!
Ingredients: carbonated water, cane sugar, honey, citric acid, sodium benzoate (for freshness), natural flavor, and caramel color.
Nutrition Facts: Calories 150 Calories from Fat 0, Total Fat 0.0g Sodium 45mg Total Carbohydrates 36.0g Sugars 35.0g Protein 0.0g
Bottled in: Portland, OR


Review: Clean, crisp, mild with a light  taste. Not too defined, not too sweet, easy to drink. This is very mild and far from the Canada Dry Variety that slaps you in the face with Ginger. More like a Lemon-lime with a hint of ginger.  This Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale Would be VERY good with your favorite Vodka or Gin. Gin my be a good to mix with this Ginger Ale due to the  juniper and other botanicals that Gin has in it.
Fun False Facts: 1) Only 2% of the worlds population are “Gingers” and only 2% of that 2% are attractive!
2) Peter keeps all his botanicals in his ass!

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