The VMA After party and the text you got…

So lets be straight…the fact that YOU, of all people responded back to me with a “hahaha thats hilari….” pisse me off. I couldnt read the rest cus my phone sceen is all fucked up!
* see pic

But whatever the case may be…that shit wasnt meant for you. I would rather eat nails and shit glass then “DISTURB” you while you are laying with “young face” (1145 pm)

The fucking text wasnt meant for fucking YOU…asshole. It was meant for GIL my FREIND, not for some chick that was fucking me. At this time, I  would rather drag myself over hot coals than text you…you don’t deserve my funny texts.
Whatever whatever…dont fucking text me back or email me! UGH…I wanna punch you in the face. I feel so betrayed by you…and the fact that we are  supposed to be “friends” kinda pisses me off.

My head spins cus I dont think we have the same definition of FRIENDS

All in all, after the VMAs were done, I went to some sad ass Lesbian bar called NOLAs and tried to stop thinking abot you. (Trish would kinda dig this spot.)

Any fucking way, at the end of the day I was in J town and really pissed off cus fucking everything that I touch and every where that I go has Ursula  written on it. Fuck off! Get outta my life…I wish I never fucked you in the when you dragged me upstairs asking for sex.
Ugh…I just spit the toothpick out of my mouth.

Then at the taco truck in eagle rock blvd I was stewing about you half morose half angry thinking about what you are doing and how I got fucked…mabe not)

All I could do was stand there and be mad…then I realized as I looked at my hands that I was wearing the Ox Blood Leather Biker Jacket that you got me…


I can even stand alone and be mad at you cuz without you fucking contaminating my life. Im fucking wearing the Jacket you gave me….WTF, I never wear this shit. Why did I do it tonite?

Ugh…I hate you.

ojfao fjjiops djfosif gjvoei gjoire gori gj3ow ertq23p4rj frlj vo4k jvfcew jf34io jwfmvoesfkld mv2po4!!!!!



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