Vampires Suck!


GARY OLDMAN DOES NOT SPARKLE…Daywalks maybe….but NEVER Sparkle!




I love neighborhoods where there are still Ice cream trucks. Ice cream trucks are the O.G food trucks. Somethings just don’t go out of style! Thank goodness, it brings a sense of continuity to an ever changing world.

Jet starts to dance around singing:
“I got some Ice Cream, I got some ice cream…wanna lick?! PSYCH!

“Thank you ice cream man. Thank you, thank you!”


Ryan D-U-N-N…DONE!

By James Montgomery
As news of “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn’s death began to circulate on Monday (June 20), those who knew him best paid tribute to their fallen friend and struggled to come to terms with the loss of a man whose antics touched the lives of many…read full story

Porsche Before and After

Ryan Dunn's Porsche Before and After

Ryan Dunn past the fuck out

Ryan Dunn Before and After

 Ryans Elaborate Death Hoax Read it HERE

Ryan Dunn…Not Dead! HOAX

And LASTLY, we can’t go out on a down note…this is last minute footage caught before he answered that last text!

“Dunn and Bam Ghost Riding the Whip”