Daft Punk Action Figures from TRON

Attention Daft Punk fans! If you missed getting the 12 inch Daft Punk set last time, don’t miss this chance again. This 12″ figure set features Thomas Bangalter & Guy Manuel de Homen Christo as Daft Punk as featured in the film Tron Legacy. Produced by Medicom, sculpted by MOTOR KEN and costume production by Akimoto Mieko.

They are so cool they got a gig spinning INSIDE the game!

Measurements: 12 inches
MSRP: $459.99
Our Price: $413.99
You save $46.00!
2 action figures for only $413.99 WHAT A BARGIN!!!
Thats $ 206.99 each…get them before they sell out…NOT