GIVEAWAY: DIABLO III Autographed Copy Free!

GIVE AWAY: DIABLO III  Autographed Copy Free!

GIVEAWAY: DIABLO III  Autographed Copy Free! is giving away a free autographed copy of BLIZZARD’s awesome RPG DIABLO III…for FREE!
Thats right, free!  We are also giving away a free Tshirt (large) and two free posters! (see below)

We went to Blizzard’s midnight release of DIABLO III and got all this copy of the game signed by Blizzard’s President, C.E.O. and CO-Founder Mike Mohaime, Diablo III Game Director Jay Wilson as well as members of the Dev. Team and Art Team. So this is a rare item and hard to get…unless you go to ebay and drop loads of cash for it! Alien Cyborgs is giving it to you for FREE along with some other cool prizes.

Just follow the rules below and don’t worry about anything else, if you win we will send out your prize free of charge…you won’t even have to pay for postage and handling!

DEADLINE AND DRAWING: ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN BY  midnight on 05/22/12 no later. Any entries posted after midnight on 05/22 will not be counted. The Drawing will be posted after all the emails are tallied. We are hoping it takes no later than 48 hrs.

Its easy. All you have to do is 3 simple things:

GiveAway Rules:

1) Search for on FB and “LIKE” our page.

2) Log into go to the “About Us” page and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Send us an email with the words: “I want D3!” in the message body. *important – Your email must be valid! This is how we are going to contact you to send you your prize!

3) Tell all your friends about it…that is the most important part! Have your friends repeat steps 1 & 2, HERE is where it gets good! Have your friend put your name in the body of the email like this:

“I want D3!” I was sent by ” YOUR NAME HERE

3) continued: The person with the MOST friends that sends us your name…wins!

GIVEAWAY: DIABLO III  Autographed Copy Free!

Its that simple! You have to get as many friends to  search for us on FaceBook and “LIKE” our page then log into and send us an email from our “About Us” page with the words “I want D3!” I was sent by “________”.

He (or she!) who has the most friends…wins!

So post and repost this on all your friends pages, forums and anyone else that you think might back you up so you can win the free copy of DIABLO III!

Here are the list of prizes:


Second Place Prize:

Third Place Prize:

Fourth Place Prize:

 GIVE AWAY: DIABLO III  Autographed Copy Free!

So there are prizes to be had for doing nothing more than telling a friend. We wish you luck and hope that you are the big winner! For those of you who couldn’t make it to the Release Event, keep your eyes peeled we will be posting a piece  soon with pics and video!

Thank You from the ALIEN CYBORGS TEAM!

Fine Print!

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN BY  midnight on 05/22/12 no later. Any entries posted after midnight on 05/22 will not be counted. The Drawing will be posted after all the emails are tallied. We are hoping no later than 48 hrs! The drawing of the names will be announced on We will contact you by email. IF you do not provide a valid email and we cannot contact you or you have not contacted us within 2 days of posting the winners, your claim will be forfeited and be given to the next eligible contestant! AlienCyborgs also asks that you provide a picture of yourself with your prize to post on the site, not a bad trade!  Its all here in black and white SO NO WHINING!


Now on Blu-Ray…Pulp Fiction


What could surely be classified as a Cult Classic film despite nation wide success on both screen and DVD, Pulp Fiction finally comes out on Blu-Ray.  Always a great movie to throw in any day that you have just under 3 hours to kill and be willing to make some ex-coke users cringe at times. It also gives one an urge to make a homemade milk-shake then feel the utter shame after it’s disastrous failure when it doesn’t even come close to as close to being as good a $5 one.

The softer side of Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield










And just in case you forgot how good the trailer was that made you want to rush right out and see it in the first place…here is another peek at Quentin at his finest!


The Deets:
Miramax | 1994 | 154 min | Rated R | BluRay: Oct 04, 2011 | MSRP $14.99.

Bunnies video brought to you by Angry Alien Productions.
Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield Poster: 

Halloween is almost around the corner!



Leave it to the Japanese to freak me out in just the right way. I mean consider all the other things that they have made that freak me out like the horrific scene of being lifted from your bed as an elderly person by a semi real looking robot, or the horrific cute looking anime girl that then turns into cannibalistic demons that shoot lasers out of their eyes!!! With that being said welcome to the future Halloween hit for the Uber rich Spookster.

Buyers can get a 3D “face mask” for US$3,920 (additional copies cost just US$780 each). Each replica of one’s head costs US$5,875 (copies: US$1,960).

3D Printers have opened up the possibility for plenty of technological or fabricated materials and parts. Who would have thought….”Hey what about a copy of my face?”. And once again the future of humanity gets thrusted forward a few centimeters with such brilliance and innovation option of a new idea.

“A Japanese company called REAL-f [JP] is creating so-called 3DPFs (“3 Dimension Photo Forms”), copies of human faces “in 3D”. The startup offers two versions, a mask type replica and the so-called mannequin type, a replica of the head. The way it works is that REAL-f first shoots pictures of a person’s face from various positions and imprints the image on vinyl chloride resin stretched over a mold. According to the company, it’s unique production technology makes sure that even details like the iris and blood vessels are replicated accurately.”

Here is something to end this post:

One step forward to being funny

Daft Punk Action Figures from TRON

Attention Daft Punk fans! If you missed getting the 12 inch Daft Punk set last time, don’t miss this chance again. This 12″ figure set features Thomas Bangalter & Guy Manuel de Homen Christo as Daft Punk as featured in the film Tron Legacy. Produced by Medicom, sculpted by MOTOR KEN and costume production by Akimoto Mieko.

They are so cool they got a gig spinning INSIDE the game!

Measurements: 12 inches
MSRP: $459.99
Our Price: $413.99
You save $46.00!
2 action figures for only $413.99 WHAT A BARGIN!!!
Thats $ 206.99 each…get them before they sell out…NOT 


The Critical Hit LED D20 Die – Kicking it Old School

When I was a kid we would game hard core on Saturdays. There were many a long afternoons, that stretched into long evening, that strecthed into early morning game sessions. There was lots of real time action, Mountain Dew, Cheetos, pizza and other players talking shit back and forth to each other.

Sound familiar? It should if you’re a gamer. The only difference is back then we did this face to face…no guilds, no lan, no lag and no $400 vid card needed. Just a bunch of Geeks in a living room, with dice, books and sometimes the occasional miniatures. We played Table Top RPGs, everything from AD&D to Shadow Run and we had a blast doing it. The way we killed one another or fragged mobs was with an “Analog Randomizer”…aka we rolled dice.

The dice glow RED when you crit!

Enter The Critical Hit LED D20 Die! This is a 20 sided die that flashes red when you roll a Critical Hit! Its evenly wieghted, approximately 1.5″ in diameter and batteries are included. And at $9.99 a pop its not a bad deal, come on…you’ve spent more on lamer things.

 I WISH I had some of these in my marron velvet dice sack back in the day.(Don’t judge me!) Of course at the end of the day, its up to the D.M. (that Dungeon Master for those of you under 35) if he’ll let you use it in game. You better hope he still isnt pissed at you for wreaking his Beast Master VHS!



TSR – AT-AT Dog Costume

Its coming up on my favorite holiday of the year…Halloween! When I think about Halloween I think of kids trick or treating, parties and girls dressed up in a “Sexy/Slutty” version of _________ (Fill in the Blank)

What I don’t think about is Pets in Costume, wanna know why? Because by and large I think that dressing Mr. Snickerdoodles the cat or Elvis your pet chihuahua in a costume is cruel and unusual punishment not to mention its just lame. Don’t get me wrong I’m not some PETA freak who is going to beat you with a bat if I saw this, it just reminds me of how some people anthropomorphize their pets and think of them as their kids…they are NOT. Your pet is an animal and should be treated as such. If you want children have them the old fashioned way or adopt!

Anyway, I thought that dressing your pets in a costumes was pretty lame until I saw THIS little number:

Cruel and unusual for sure…but pretty damn cool!

Don’t get me wrong, there is an internal struggle being waged inside my empty little head over how lame I think dressing animals in costumes is VS. the Geek in me that is thinking  “…thats *&^%ing AWESOME!”

I have come to terms with the fact that if you HAD to dress your dog up in a Halloween costume…then let it be this AT-AT costume! Of course, the ONLY way I would ever do this is if I was dressed as a Stormtrooper, talk about the ultimate accessory to your Stormtrooper costume. How dope would it be to walk into a party dressed as a Stormtrooper with a little AT-AT on a leash?!  Hmmmmm….thats a thought.

<shakes head> What the hell am I thinking?!

At least its not as bad as THIS poor slob, you can see the shame in his eyes:

Yoda never looked so sad…THIS is why dogs bite people!

If you love your pets, leave them with a shred of dignity don’t dress them up in costumes!